10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict

If you’ve watched more K-dramas then you have fingers then you’ll know what I’m talking about and if any of these apply to you, then herp derp, you’re a K-drama addict orrr you’re just Korean –No, that was in no … Continue reading

K-drama Kisses (The Bad) [Random Rant #1]

So like there’s cussing, poor grammar and general ranting in this post. If any of these three don’t appeal to you, (fuck off then) click the back button. Regardless, enjoy -bb (Welcome to social awkwardness) Well I wouldn’t really call it, ‘social’ but … Continue reading

War of the Shirtless Guys [Random Ramble #1]

Note: Our rambles/rants are random. And most likely something that we’re likely to do a lot. Be warned, GOLDee (Dora) won’t refrain from language here. So I’ll apologize for her in advance ^^ (Okay Subject numero uno. Hit me.) Mm, … Continue reading