K-Drama Kisses (The Good) [Random Ramble #2]

Since we’ve covered two of the three categories in terms of kisses from K-dramas I’m glad to say that the one you all have been waiting for is here. YES IT’S HERE! *erupts into a huge one-person party*. The GOOD … Continue reading

K-drama Cliches

I’ve always wandered how many cliches/notions K-drama’s used and how many I actually appreciated and how many left me literally rolling my eyes. You all know which ones, the ones we love seeing and the ones that tugged at your annoyed nerve. But it’s … Continue reading

10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict

If you’ve watched more K-dramas then you have fingers then you’ll know what I’m talking about and if any of these apply to you, then herp derp, you’re a K-drama addict orrr you’re just Korean –No, that was in no … Continue reading

K-Drama Kisses (The Ugly) [Random Rant #2]

Nope, you didn’t just read the title wrong. This is where we air out all the ugly laundry, when I say ugly laundry I mean the ugly side of k-drama kissing. Those kisses that make you cringe because if it was … Continue reading

K-drama Kisses (The Bad) [Random Rant #1]

So like there’s cussing, poor grammar and general ranting in this post. If any of these three don’t appeal to you, (fuck off then) click the back button. Regardless, enjoy -bb (Welcome to social awkwardness) Well I wouldn’t really call it, ‘social’ but … Continue reading

War of the Shirtless Guys [Random Ramble #1]

Note: Our rambles/rants are random. And most likely something that we’re likely to do a lot. Be warned, GOLDee (Dora) won’t refrain from language here. So I’ll apologize for her in advance ^^ (Okay Subject numero uno. Hit me.) Mm, … Continue reading