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Annyeonghaseyo ^^

Well, I never really thought I’d come to love such a thing. Kdrama/kpop and well Korean culture in general. I love to blog about things but mostly for myself. Weird right? I blog on my laptop about kdrama’s and it just sits on my laptop so I thought why not make a blog that someone might actually read?

Anyway, I think kdrama’s have become more of an obsession rather then just an enjoyment. It went from watching one drama once every three weeks to 8+ hour marathons each week. I spend more time watching Korean dramas (during my free time of course) then I do sleep or eat.

My first drama was probably in 2004 (I think) and it was Autumn in My Heart/Autumn Fairy Tale/Autumn Tale. I randomly came across whilst at my Aunties house. Anyway, after that drama I had a huge ‘teen’ crush on Won Bin. I googled him, watched his dramas, saved pics and the whole lot. Yes, I was a huge fan. [And a tiny bit of a stalker] what? I was 11. Sue me.

As for my pics up there ^ Yes, they are all the Korean actors I have come to be obsessed. Won Bin, still taking up the top spot, (Forever) in my heart of Korean actors.

As for my username, I’ve been called a lot crappy names by my friends and throughout my time spent with them I’ve been called a bimbo and ditzybunny. It’s not really names I like but they’ve stuck and so I kind of just threw ditzy out of the equation and put bimbo and bunny together.

I think I’ve written more then I need to.


~ About Dora ~
293031 Haaaaaaai thuuuuuur!

Boy is it good to be here~ Isadorrra/dddiplodora here, or Dora for short.

I love to rant and rave, so I’ll be doing a lot of that on this blog (Read as, rambling and ranting 99.9% of the time). Be warned that I do tend to cuss a lot (I’m not as controlled as Lola is) but I try to refrain from it because I don’t want to make a dick of myself. Oops, too late. Oh and please don’t take me for an asshole, oh too late.

I don’t know what else to say, plus there’s corn juice all over my bloody keyboard. AJSAGDAJDKA, I hate my life now.



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