Eye Candy 101: Won Bin


phwaaaaaaar ♥


If you know me, you’ll know very well that I have literally been infatuated with this man for almost ten years now. AND yes, I know he’s off the markets; but hey, this is just all fun and games yo; so please don’t take this tiny bit of fangirling literally by saying that he’s taken and whatnot.  Pls, denial is the greatest crutch a girl can hold onto in these kind of situations ;P

tumblr_msb41o6Yej1szwstmo1_500tumblr_mrzt6jG6rd1szwstmo1_500 tumblr_ms2k8vTObu1szwstmo2_500tumblr_msb41o6Yej1szwstmo4_500tumblr_ms2kd78cXs1szwstmo1_500 tumblr_mqgrdiATWn1sbd0meo1_500 tumblr_lunz90JpJJ1r3syseo2_500
This veeeery fine young lad first came on my screen on my very first k-drama – and while I personally didn’t enjoy it, his presence made it worth watching regardless – Yes, “Autumn in My Heart” was my very first drama and it was also the beginning of my new found obsession…K-drama and evidently WON BIN ❤ Alas, because of my lack of internet – oh dial up, why you so cruel for. oh them days – I  wasn’t able to watch any more dramas that had Won Bin in it except for ogling at pictures of him and watching, “AimH” again and again AND AGAIN – omo! – It’s safe to say that I personally never want to see that drama again -__-

I’m not gonna lie, I honestly didn’t give a lick about Won Bin’s portrayal as Tae-Suk, I just ogled at his beautiful face – so what, let the shallow part of me show – and from then on I was hooked. Of course I’ve seen all his dramas/movies and each time; I’m always smitten at how fabulous he looks. Heh!

Now, Let’s just take a moment to ogle at this fine, fine young lad. After this post, I think I’m going to have to take up my obsession else where. Regardless of the fact of it being meaningless – yunno, this ogling – it still feels borderline wrong. HAH!

tumblr_luht2bpCEZ1qjh47lo1_500tumblr_mr5zts8LVf1szwstmo3_500tumblr_mr0r7k6MKN1s5116bo1_500tumblr_mryy03I4Nq1sfikh2o1_500 tumblr_msb41o6Yej1szwstmo5_500 tumblr_lpoyglE4jL1qi2j4po1_500


tumblr_msai9hD5a91rcf56so1_500 tumblr_mktrofX9mc1rlp86po1_500 tumblr_mlu9saUQuj1soymodo1_500

And the photo’s that have given him like infinite + awesome points ❤

And then I came across something and saw this

And well… my reaction


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