Eye Candy 101 to Commence


Phwaaaaar ❤


When I watch Kdramas’ I personally always’ find myself having these really ridiculous crushes on someone within the drama but I get so, so, so caught up in these crushes – not in the literal sense of course, just the general fangirl crush – that when I read even ONE – just one –  thing about their real life story – which I totally stay clear from, because well I don’t really give a lick about their real life – I flare up in annoyance and move on because they’ve lost character – ignorance is truly bliss my pretties – I know, as ridiculous as it may sound; it’s all typically true. Being invested can be quite unhealthy… seriously.

While I generally fall head over heels for their character personality once it’s finished it ends and I feel a little sad that I won’t be seeing this person any more – Oh my gosh, that sounds borderline sad. I need a boyfriend, like right now – LOL. So I thought I’d do random posts about my K-drama crushes and who stole my heart from each and every drama, why they did AND of course, a million pictures of them for us to all squee about ^^

And honey don’t judge me, because I know we all totally know that you totes go through these silly little fangirly phases right? HEH. Admit eeeeeeet ~


3 thoughts on “Eye Candy 101 to Commence

    • Exactly and it turns into a unhealthy obsession of falling head (first. HAH!) over heels with their character that I sometimes impose an unhealthy attachment to them ;__; oh kdrama, why are your men so perfectly unrealistic?

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