K-Drama Kisses (The Good) [Random Ramble #2]



Since we’ve covered two of the three categories in terms of kisses from K-dramas I’m glad to say that the one you all have been waiting for is here. YES IT’S HERE! *erupts into a huge one-person party*. The
GOOD kisses, yep those kisses that melted our heart of stones into liquid forms of adoration. That kiss that you were expecting but not nearly expecting it to be THAT good. Yes, that liberating omg-i-can’t-breath kiss, uh huh that post is finally here. 

You see, there’s a reason why I just LOVE k-drama kisses in comparison to western movie/series kisses, why? Well for one, there’s that liberating-omg-i-can’t-believe-they-kissed sensation going on that I get, to which I don’t in western ones and another being that it’s generally that point in the story where there’s a case of acceptance of mutual feelings between our pairingjs and I’m not saying that it doesn’t occur in western dramas but it isn’t as effective in my opinion. The significance that these kisses hold are profound because like I mentioned it is also the defining point of our pairs relationship. Also, the kisses don’t lead to sex – which I personally adore – instead they lead to swoon worthy ogling from both parties, and well us too.


>> Coffee Prince

Obviously this kiss had to be here; the ‘alien’ kiss still remains my favourite k-drama kiss…EVAAAR. Why? Not only is the kiss just beautiful, but the significance of it is just endearing. It’s the fact that there is so much acceptance and it’s another reason why I adore kdrama kisses because of the seriousness of what these kisses represent and in Coffee Prince, this is exactly what this kiss represents. Han Kyul you have forever stamped your infamous ‘alien’ kiss into my very brain. Stay gold. – k, sentimental ramble done –

>> My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Girl power, yes Sam Soon you initiate that kiss and you do it with a tad bit of conflict too; no one ever said it was easy ^^ You all already know this kiss by now right? amiright? This and also the bathroom kiss, but for some reason I can’t help but find this kiss the more memorable one. It eludes everything in that split moment, they have that small fixation on one another but not enough for anything to blossom or at least for anything to be yunno… cannon at that point, but wow; the scene’s pretty light and I like it plus the way Hyun Bin edges Sun ah closer is just… reow material. Haha.

>> Goong
When this kiss came around, I cried a little because I was already shattered by the fact that we most probably weren’t going to get our much awaited kiss till our pair was like 87 considering we’d already waited a full twenty-freaking-three episodes, but when that kiss happened, I was sitting at my chair, wide-eyed and totally satisfied in the fact that the wait was actually worth it – sort of -. In the end, what I generally liked was the fact that after Shin had asked for Chae Kyung to stay, she in turn initiated the kiss, plus we all already know Eun Yoon Hye’s capability in passionate kisses right? So yay!

>> Best Love

I don’t even know how much I can express how much I loved this scene, it was in short… beautiful. Seriously; the angst, the constant tug and pull of my heart and the minor heartbreak I had in this episode was just asdfghjkl, but one that I both loved and hated, you see the effect that this kiss had on me when it occurred was just liberating.

>> Que Sera Sera
I was figuring of covering this scene in a different post about what happened BEFORE this kiss scene; because I wanted to emphasise the effect that this kiss had on me. I had so much mixed opinions about this kiss because of the event that had occurred beforehand but DAMN! the way the kiss played out was extremely effective; never mind the event before – of course I’ll cover my opion on that scene on another post as stated but – , the passion in this kiss was so intoxicating you couldn’t help but see the significance in it. It leaves you both baffled at the pair and at yourself for feeling a sense of giddy-ness at their unrestrained-explosive-beyond-words passion.  Plus the beautiful mess that ensues after it is just fabulous for any kdrama fan, amiright?

>> Prosecutor Princess
images (1)

Feels anyone? Seriously  I almost feel like I have to re watch this scene just so I can get that asdf feeling that I’d gotten when I first watched it. Given all the dramas I’ve seen through the years I’ve never come across a more poignant, top notch kiss then this one and it’s not so much the kiss itself that had me in a puddle of goo, it was the anticipation .. the longing for them to hurry up and vroom through all the bull and just go with their own feelings. The kiss is fabulous, it’s intense, it’s endearing , it’s everything an anticipated freak like me needed and I was almost – if not already – drowning in my own tears; I swear I had buckets next to me after there kiss because of the confession itself. D’aaw Hye-Ri why so awesome for? and that folks is why, this made it on this list.

Really lazy to explain more stuffs about the kisses I enjoyed so here, here, here, HEEERE… the rest. LOL.

>> Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
No explanations necessary here

>> Secret Garden
images (7)
I love Hyun Bin, I do; his kissing scenes are so, so, so, good that the expectation that I have with his scenes are just always met. Plus yunno, totes takes two to tango so I like that Ha Ji Won’s not a brick wall kisser!

>> Worlds Within
Well, self explanatory here.

>> My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

how ’bout Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’s all round huh?

>> Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Won’t deny the fact that I do love me some Sung Joon ❤ Plus, Jo Boa did herself a great job with the kiss too!

>> Queen In-Hyun’s Man
I adored these two to absolute bits, their chemistry was explosive. Plus who could deny the fact that all their kisses were just WOW!

>> Reply 1997

Initiate, bimbobunny’s tiny little Seo In-Guk crush scream *aaaaaaaaaaaccccccksdjnjkwdfhb*

>> Cinderella’s Sister
images (5)


 ~Initiating my honourable mentions, which are the ones storyline’s I generally didn’t give a lick about nor did I enjoy it but the kiss within it made up for just about everything. Heh! I sound like such an ass but anyway, here they are.

>> Playful Kiss
3rd kiss ep13

Yes, that kiss. It was the kiss that took far too long to happen and surprisingly good enough for me to find rather swoon worthy. You see I was never a fan of Seung-Joon to begin with and his really half-assed exterior was kind of getting old too and after the Seung-Joon said, “You like me” I was literally like; DAFUQ? I don’t know, it seemed in a way; commanding. Totes, unromantic but character fitting sure… THEN the kiss came and all was forgiven. Hah! What? You’ve never seen a conflicted-hypocritical swooning girl before?

>> Mary Stayed Out All Night
images (2)There was something about Jang Geun Suks’ character here that I just adored.  Plus who can forget this kiss? Oh, a lot of people? K,

>> Personal Taste
images (6)
Game Over kiss pretty much a favourite amongst a lot of people. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty steamy and while I may not be a fan of Lee Min Ho, I however cannot deny the fact that he is quite the kisser. Hah!

>> Lie To Me

Not exactly sure how I got through this drama – Kang Ji-Hwan – or where in the world this drama was heading, story wise considering the logic behind it was quite… silly? too much, k never mind. But hey, we have the two leads to thank for such great chemistry, seriously LOOOOOK at that kiss. Eek!

>> Love Rain

images (3)Pretty average, but hey; still works in my perspective. Plus, they have pleeeeeenty of other kisses in the series that’s pretty decent!

>> Coffee House
download (1)
KANG JI-HWAN. Thatisall.


Well that’s all ~ Of course there’s still a lot of other kisses that are just wondrous and great but then we’d be here all day. HAHAHA. So what’s your favourite kissing scene? ^^


4 thoughts on “K-Drama Kisses (The Good) [Random Ramble #2]

  1. I love that kiss in Sam Soon too! I’ve never seen that on anyone else’s list before, so I thought I was the only one who would put that kiss on my list of faves ;).

    • It’s just so good, like seriously; her look of conflict is like Damn! But she goes with it and he’s totes into so the outcomes great xD Ohhh, then yaaay! ^^ Glad you agree (:

      • Yeah, the reaction shots of their faces are so spot on! At first he was taken aback, but he doesn’t pull away. And she just goes for it, which says so much about her character. The only thing that could be improved, is that awful green shirt on Hyun Bin. Why?!

      • Exactly! And that’s what I basically love about there relationship; there’s literally nothing that the other could do that’s more surprising then what the other has to offer. HAHA. I know what you mean but hey, it’s Hyun Bin; the relevance (no matter how dire) shows how dashing he is ❤

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