Analysing Dem Scenes (Coffee Prince)

I thought I’d talk about some of my favourite scenes from most to all of the K-drama’s I’ve seen, and why they were scenes I found enjoyable and captivating; starting with the one drama I came to love ever so much. Yes, the oldie but a goldie… COFFEE PRINCE ❤

There’s something captivating about this drama that we can’t seem to get enough of, I first watched this drama when I was 14/15 I don’t even remember back in 2007. Back then it was ogling and being completely entranced by the beauty of our characters and back then I had this small slight hope that being a tomboy didn’t matter. Back then I didn’t have a full understanding of such drama, it was just pure enjoyment until I watched it a couple of years ago, I started to understand the points and struggles of the characters. But that didn’t mean I fully understood any of it until I watched yet AGAIN recently and watching it, I found that most to all scenes within the drama were so liberating to the extent where they actually had a lot of depth behind it and that’s why I thought I had to talk about some of my favourite scenes and what I thought about them personally.

Why not start off with the scene that had me in tears first, k?


There was something profound about this scene that I found intriguing, it was subtle in the sense that the simplicity of the scene made me actually shed a couple of tears for Eun Chan. It’s a defining moment where the revelation that her crush Han-Sung (Guy A) is still into his ex Yoo-Joo (Guy B). It’s heartbreaking to watch but it’s also believable and evidently relate-able.

I really enjoyed this scene that Eun-Chan shared with Han-Sung because I really admired the fact that Eun-Chan confessed that she did like him and that she really noticed how profound these feelings were. It’s a sweet scene because it conveys the fact that while she does like him, she’ll, “give up” and wishes the best for both Han-Sung and Yoo-Joo. I like this part because she’s letting go of her feelings and  just is capable of being just friends and that’s okay with her which is nice.

This scene in particular is one that made my heart beat out of my chest because it’s the beginning of a long train ride that is emotional set back. There’s denial after the hug that Han-Kyul says, but it face says otherwise when he’s away from Eun Chan’s sight. Eun Chan however has it written ALL OVER her face, everything is just out of the bag for her and it’s a great scene because the gesture is powerful in the sense that Han-Kyul definitely feels something for Eun Chan and the revelation is EPIC (at least for us it is).

4  2
This scene has had me crying buckets of tears more then once, I love everything about it because it depicts Han Kyuls struggle with his feelings. The scene is powerful because we FINALLY get to see HIS struggle to admit to himself that he does like Eun Chan. What I loved about this scene is that the topic being tackled at hand is not Han Kyul’s sexuality per se, (before I get disagreements on the matter please explain your reasoning’s) I think it’s the foreignness of him being attracted to Eun Chan that he’s struggling with.

The scene overall is just beautiful because the way it convey’s Han Kyuls emotions and the ultimate question of whether he’s allowed to do have these feelings. What absolutely did it for me, was the way he was with her as she slept; there’s this look in his eyes that expresses so much longing and pain that it’s just so heartbreaking and for that it remains my FAVOURITE K-drama scene of all time and trust me I’ve seen a heckovalot of k-dramas.

DAT KISS (aka. The Alien Kiss)
The kisses to end all kisses, the awkwardly named kiss. I think what it boils down to in this kiss is nothing more then ACCEPTANCE, Han-Kyul has finally come to terms with his feelings and it no longer matters what Eun-Chan may or may not be because what the heart wants, well… the heart gets I guess? There’s nothing you could possibly analyse about this kiss rather then that perfectness of it and the fact that it is so real. The thing about this kiss is that it’s something we were ALL waiting for, that anticipation that when the time came the kiss would be glorious and wonderful and true it’s glory it was. All that built up emotion is finally being generated through this kiss.

Expectation was met. Indeed it was .

Which brings me to:
While this isn’t a favourite scene I felt like I had to cover it in some sense. This scene was one of the scenes I found so, so, so, so hard to watch without cringing. It’s violent, aggressive and just downright ugly. It’s intense and the lack of music just adds to the intensity of it all and I understand that that’s the intent because it’s not meant to have any sort of music to try and ease things down a bit because it’s supposed to come off as aggressive and ugly. The reason why I use the word ‘ugly’ is because we ALL know it’s forced. It’s a frightening scene in terms of, ‘personal space’.

Han Kyul isn’t doing this for pleasure or as a gesture of figuring things out, he’s doing it to hurt Eun Chan and she KNOWS that, hence the struggle. It’s important to understand that in this scene, Eun Chan understands Han Kyul’s intentions; she knows that he’s doing this to hurt her purposely.

His reaction and words after the kiss are a huge slap to the face, “The kiss was better when you were a guy.” The way he looks after the kiss is also something to watch out for because as he wipes his mouth he almost looks disgusted, and I’ve never really understood if it’s at himself or both him and the situation that made him do this. Regardless, it’s a devastating blow because while we ALL know that he’s hurt and doing such a crude thing out of anger, but the emotion between the two is raw and you know that it’s not okay.

Who loves a girl who takes the lead? UH, DUH-DOY this girl *points at self*

Not really much to say about this, only that I loved Yoo-Joo for proposing. It’s just cute and loves it when girls do things unexpected like this. xD

THIS SCENE IN ALL ITS SUBTLE GLORY (I wuv you subtle-ness)
There goes that longing look AGAIN and oh look, my heart too. There’s soemthing about this scene that I love, the simplicity of Han-Kyul just being outside Eun-Chan’s house is something I found rather endearing because while he is hurt, we know that he still loves her; regardless. That’s just what love does, it’s a complicated thing but it’s also something we can’t help and that’s what I loved about Coffee Prince. We don’t choose who we love, it just happens naturally whether we want it to happen or not; or whether we want that person we love to be the person we ideally want.

12 13 14
That’s it folks, I know, I know… there were so many scenes that were amazing if I could I would just review the whole thing and break every scene down in analysis but these scenes were the ones that literally did it for me in terms of getting me to actually think. Coffee Prince is more then just a drama it’s a gem, it’s beautifully written, acted and overall it’s just such a WONDERFUL drama because it’s so honest and raw. Coffee Prince thank you so much for existing. I wuv you oh so much ❤

Also, something totally unrelated and besides the point but something I wanted to talk about… and it has something to do with Gong Yoo. What I noticed about Gong Yoo is his kissing scenes (who wouldn’t), there’s something about it that just gets me all gooey inside and it’s just so liberating. HA. I guess it’s just the way he handles the girl he’s with when he kisses her. Especially his hands, ohmyword, there’s just this delicateness to the way he just kisses them and it’s with such a tender manner that it makes you just melt… like it’s perfect, he’s perfect…


5 thoughts on “Analysing Dem Scenes (Coffee Prince)

  1. Coffee Prince!! One of my all-time faves ❤ ❤ ❤ And Gong Yoo!! Another of my all-time faves!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.. It definitely tickled my resolution to re-watch Coffee Prince one of these days and give it a proper review. So much goodness in it, and I loved Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun Hye in this. So much natural, sparky chemistry!

    And that gif. Rendered me speechless. SDS;H E;RH ;SKDJN;S NSKDJ GKLJS *flails about* THUNK.

    • HA. I figured since this is the drama that got me to come back to blogging; why not blog about it? ^^ I just love this drama so much, it’s endearing and there’s something about it that allows us to watch like a million times without being sick of it. It’s a magical thing

      LOL I legit love there chemistry, it’s so believable and real. HAHA. I saw the gif whilst lookin for other gifs and was literally like :O SO SO HAAAWT. xD

      Also, thanks so much for the kind words; you’re too nice ❤

  2. It’s pretty funny that you have posted an article on Coffee Prince in August b/c there are so many bloggers who just watched it for the first or are rewatching it in August xD I just came across so many bloggers who rewatched this drama this month…yeah, I’m also one of them 🙂 Love your article on my (our) all time fav! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • I took a step back at the beginning of the year from K-Drama’s but I saw a picture of Gong Yoo and was immediately taken back by how much I’d forgotten how beautiful this man was *snerk* and as much as I wanted to wait till I finished this year, I couldn’t resist. HA! But thanks for reading, I appreciate it !

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