K-Drama Couple of the Day.

Jason and Pil-suk (Dream High)

654545Seriously, while I did love the awesome tugging love triangle from our leads. These two just kept my interest on a roll and while I always anticipated how they were going to be a couple and where it would lead to, I was absolutely crushed when Jason let her down. Because I know what it feels like to have false hopes when liking a guy and taking his intentions of being really nice to the heart and just over analyzing it as something more then just well… being nice.

Other then that, these two were just way too adorable and beyond cute when they were on screen that I sometimes would replay there scenes together and skip some of the other scenes until the screen was back on these two. 

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4 thoughts on “K-Drama Couple of the Day.

    • Weren’t they just cute? I adored these two, they were the OTP that were just beyond cutesy. Hehe.

      Also, I absolutely loved Jason spoke English; while the accent did came off cheesy and awkward, I found it absolutely adorable.

  1. Aw, I loved Jason & Pil-suk too! I thought they were really cute together. And I especially liked IU.. she came across as really likable and sweet, and not in a manufactured sort of way. Loved this show.. I’m gonna have to re-watch again this sometime! 😀

    • IU was such a fun character to watch on screen, while it did get tiresome to see Suzy’s stern character; IU being present deflated that notion with her witty, naive and generally bubbly personality.

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