K-drama Cliches


I’ve always wandered how many cliches/notions K-drama’s used and how many I actually appreciated and how many left me literally rolling my eyes. You all know which ones, the ones we love seeing and the ones that tugged at your annoyed nerve. But it’s those little things, those cliches/notions/conventions … that are constantly their for us to remember that they are what makes them K-drama’s ^^

To start us off I want to sink my teeth into one of my absolutely favorite overplayed K-Drama notions:

Nice Male Second Leads
5…That do NOT get the girl. Yes ladies, that second lead male we all root for to the bitter end –yes, even when that ship sinks– Yes, that one –or two, in YB’s case– guy(s) that step onto the scene AFTER our leading man and we’re already like, “Awww, I’m going to die when your little heart gets ripped and torn to pieces, but I’ll still love you.” Yes, that second male lead that does everything right for female lead, even from the beginning and still gets Friendzoned in the most heartbreaking way possible. Boys,  I’m telling you if you’re ever a second-lead-like character in real life please do not be subtle with your feelings. Girls are oblivious too, we sometimes can’t distinguish between being nice and, ‘wanting to get out of the freindzone’. It seems K-Drama’s love to stick to the, “nice guys finish last” notion.

You’re Beautiful

To the Beautiful You
Brilliant Legacy
Boys over Flowers
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

(Irritating Female Second Leads)
1(Who’s face we just want to smash with a hammer our fists. I swear it’s an absolute pleasure to hate the shit out of these second leads. I find it absolutely tiresome having to see the same snarky bitches who are just too stupid for their own good running around the show like they have ants up their asses so they can fuck up the lead couples relationships.

Honestly the amount of stupidity these second leads can have is just ridiculous, but that being said I will give them props because regardless of being unable to stand 97% of female second leads they do bring depth to our lead characters sometimes. Plus we all know they’re not getting the guy so it becomes 2% bearable.)

You’re Beautiful

To the Beautiful You
Rooftop Prince
Personal Taste

Childhood Love
45…That is OP and no doubt true love.
This is possibly my second favorite notion, because it’s full of cute [the childhood episodes that is] and I just love it when they’re all grown up and they see their young love and it turns to the awkward, ‘ermahgerd, I’m getting married tomorrow but my heart yearns for my 12 year old love’ Yes, that love that endures everything from your traumatic childhood to the present day. It’s a funny cliche in terms of being realistic. Because to be honest, I’m not sure how many months it took for me to get over my OP 8 year old crush, but nonetheless this is one I absolutely adore to bits.

Autumn in my Heart
Will it Snow For Christmas
I Miss You
Stairway to Heaven

Poor/Plain Girls & their Never Ending Problems (& their lack of backbones)
Money problems, social problems, family problems and well eventually relationship problems and drug problems [Okay, maybe not] but any sort of problems they are forever always befalling on our female leads.

I’m not complaining or anything but this is one of the things I find tiresome. Are we not past the, ‘females’ having to work harder then the ‘males’ era? Seriously  although I am all for the whole working hard and whatnot, but please, please, please give our female leads a break. Sheesh, or even money or a circle of friends that consists more then just one friend. And calm down with the problems please.

(And I don’t mean this as to say in general. What I meant was their lack of backbones towards being abused/maltreated by the  rude-obnoxious-bitchy female antagonists and the over the top mothers. If most female leads can vouch for others when they’re maltreated then why the forkriddenspoonfacehorseradish can’t they stick up for their damn selves? Grab a shoe and fling it across the room, do something seriously. And I’m not sure whether the maltreatment exception towards the evil mothers is due to the respect towards elders, but my god when the second lead females are heinous cows I just don’t understand how our female leads can just take it. Fuck the noble act, for goodness sake. Grow a backbone for yourself, please and thank you.)

(Rich Male Leads & their Nasty-Ass Mothers)
(It wouldn’t be a K-drama without our broodingly cold chaebol and his frustratingly bitchass of a mother –and at times, but seemingly rare; their frustratingly annoying fathers– who only start to warm up after five hundred million episodes. Our controlling parents are complete derp jerks who have no lives outside their kids personal lives it seems.

However this overplayed notion is one we will not get sick of, why? Because we have no choice, because it’s one that K-Dramaland has already soiled deep into their roots. A notion that we shouldn’t get sick of because the only time we won’t get this is when both parents are dead or one is dead, so therefore the latter is double the bitchiness and double the no-you-can’-have-my-son-bullshit-because-you’re-ugly notion… but if they both happen to be dead then don’t think you’re off the hook because then you’ll have to deal with Aunty, Uncle, Grandpa, Grandma and pretty much the whole family.)

Secret Garden
Boys over Flowers
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Hearts of 19

Sudden Illness & Amnesia

Oh hello sickness; is that you? Come right in, I mean I was not expecting you to come so abruptly into my life until I was becoming really happy. Nope, don’t worry I knew you were coming; had a slight case of amnesia there.

These are melodrama’s go-to schemes when they’ve got nothing else. Plus, what better way to get us drowning in our own tears then having someone die of some terminal illness 3/4 into the drama? Brilliant idea! /sarcasmOver.

I don’t necessarily hate it when illness comes into play but it does frustrate me when it comes out of nowhere (out of their asses probably) and just takes one of our leads suddenly. If not our leads, someone close to our leads; say a parent which ultimately leads to one of our leads being cold and then the cycle begins with a relationship that has more problems then Jay-Z. As for the amnesia, I quite like this for some reason but it does get tiresome too when the amnesia is just so OP and you’re screaming at the screen for them to hurry up and remember.

(K-Drama’s have already soiled this notion too. When someone’s life is great the writers are likely to be like, ‘Sorry bitch, nobodies perfect and since you just might be it’s time to kill you off with a severe illness‘)


49 Days
Stairway to Heaven
Autumn in my Heart

(Piggy Back Rides)
(…That we all wanted as a child. The K-Drama indicator that a ‘say’ relationship is developing. Piggy back rides are primarily used before a relationship is developed further into anything. It’s the indicator that skinship is at level 1 or 2. I quite like this cliche/notion because it’s a vast meaning other then it being romantic. But the latter will most likely be drunk when having a piggy back ride so it’s kind of meaningless in the morning when they’ve forgotten.)


Relationship B
54…Or, otherwise known; the other other relationship.
The second focused relationship. It’s not enough that we have one relationship focused on in a K-Drama but we also have to have a separate love story for some other couple, that can be both a good and bad thing. Good when it’s full of cuteness and lessens the weight on the leads angsty relationship. And well bad because if our leads relationship isn’t developing at a pace we can keep up with then, relationship B becomes more relevant and more bearable that they just may steal the spotlight and then you start to ship on to relationship B rooting for them like a maniac (So it’s a good thing then?).

(And Aww shieeet, let the tears roll. I hate you for posting that GIF. Bitch)

Hearts of 19
King 2 Hearts
My Gf is A Gumiho

Other Cliches;
Noble Acts
Back Hugs
Traumatic Experiences

Last Minute (Irrelevant) Comments
Sheesh, Park Joon Geum in that Gif of yours is terrifying. She looks as if she’s ready to your soul.

(Would you rather I used this instead?)

ROFL. That could have worked but would have nothing to do with your post.

(Daesung does pull it off rather well. Plus the lipstick is doing him more favors then it would on either of us. Just saying)

Well maybe in your case it would. You of little confidence.

(You of too much confidence, don’t lie to yourself. It’s petty)

Holy snaps, did you just call me petty and a bitch too? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow.

Side Note: Something beautiful to look at.


11 thoughts on “K-drama Cliches

  1. I saw this post a couple of days ago and I really wanted to read it, but it said it wasn’t found. But here it is again, yay ^.^Some I think are adorable, like the piggy back rides and childhood love, but it’s those wrist grabs that get me every time…

    • I’m tugging at my hair for not putting that it because while it is just a small subtle gesture it’s quite powerful in its own sense. While, I do love it I do somewhat have a small tiny whim where I’m against it, but that’s another story.

  2. You know what is my favorite cliche? When someone get ill and need to get into the hospital (and they end in hospital for everything). Forget all the taxis, buses or what ever on the wheels, piggyback ride is the best transport way on earth! It doesn’t matter if the hospital is right at the corner or all across the city. Its free and earth friendly. xD

    • Haha, it’s such a cute cliche isn’t it? I wouldn’t mind someone doing that for me. However, I’m afraid that they’d end up in the hospital too if they were to piggy back on them D:

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