10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict

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If you’ve watched more K-dramas then you have fingers then you’ll know what I’m talking about and if any of these apply to you, then herp derp, you’re a K-drama addict orrr you’re just Korean –No, that was in no way meant to sound mean/inappropriate/racist or anything else I can’t come up with right now because I’m far too lazy and it’s 11:14PM. Seriously WTF?! am I doing–

 You utter out Korean words without realizing it. For example,
You say:
“Araso,” in a pout-y like manner. [Well not really, but occasionally]
“Aniyo!” whilst waving your hands across one another in front of your face in small defiance.
“YAH!” repeatedly and loudly so the whole world, including Jupiter can hear you.
“Aigoo” in a really low tone like you’re trying to sound like a crusty old man.
“Aish” in a frustrated matter where you then spazz out at your hair by messing the shit out of it.
“Omo” in complete shock where, surprisingly you will find yourself slapping your mouth with both hands too –okay, maybe just me–.

–and do correct me on my spelling please [actually scratch that, don’t. I could care less really]–

Taking selca like photo poses that are expected to be, ‘aegyo’ –But generally coming out really derp like–. For example:
The pouting of the lips, the peace sign against the puffed out cheeks, the ‘L’ sign cupping under your chin  the, piece sign next to your winked eye and of course, the ‘buingbuing’ pose.

3. You nod your head in a slight bow when thanking or greeting someone.

4. You know more Korean actors/actresses names –full names, to be exact– then you do western actors/actresses. —

You slap your leg and clap your hands like a crazy ass seal on crack when you’re laughing.

6. You watch waaaaay more K-Dramas then you do western shows. Plus, when watching western shows, movies, dramas etc… you’ll find yourself looking for subtitles. [Considering you even put subtitles up whilst watching K-Dramas]

7. You gawk awkwardly at Koreans trying ever so subtly to listen in on their conversations [Hurrah for subtle stalking eavesdropping], picking up words and feeling a sense of pleasure when you know a few. Regardless of it only being, ‘Mmm,’ or ‘Ahh’.

You wave both hands uncontrollably in a one-eighty degree manner when waving.

You start acting dramatic to your surroundings in hope that your life may turn into a drama of it’s own. [But what’s really happening, is you looking like a complete idiot who’s being an over-dramatic pisshead. But who cares? You still want that drama, so the dramatic-ness doesn’t stop]

10. You have a blog dedicated to K-Drama alone and you blog like a maniac about it like your life depends on it.

[Note: I’ll be frank and say these mostly apply to me, but I’m sure this can be said about a lot of you’s too – Dora
Note #2: You’re probably thinking, umm; dafuq are the pics doing here? They’re bloody kpop idols, WTF?! Sorry, couldn’t be stuffed finding K-Drama gifs. Too lazy.]


13 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re A K-Drama Addict

  1. LOL! I DO know more names of k-stars, than western ones.. same applies to Korean shows vs western shows. I come across as a total noob when someone starts talking to me about vampire diaries or something else that’s big on American TV! >.<

  2. I love this….you really described me well. You seriously cracked me up. I have not been in a picture in the last year, that I have not flashed the peace sign. My friends laugh at me. They don EVEN know how cool I am!!!! Gamsahamnida!!!

  3. My gosh. All 10 apply to me. I’m not sure if it’s an achievement or what.

    #3. I just recently watched my graduation video. And you know that going up the stage and shaking hands with the professors and university officials, etc? I actually BOWED to each one of them. I didn’t even notice, I just realized I did it when I watched the video. I shook their hand whilst bowing. And I was the only one. -.-

    • OMG. That’s border line adorable; especially when you don’t realise it. D’aaaw. Hee! Oh, honey; don’t worry, you are not alone there. You’ve got all of us here who do that too^^

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