K-Drama Kisses (The Ugly) [Random Rant #2]

umwtfNope, you didn’t just read the title wrong. This is where we air out all the ugly laundry, when I say ugly laundry I mean the ugly side of k-drama kissing. Those kisses that make you cringe because if it was toned down 99.9% down a notch it would be the kiss you’d wanted in every K-drama kiss. Those kisses where you don’t if you should call it one because it looks like the guys/girls are trying way too hard to kiss but are failing miserably, Or they’re trying way to hard to kiss and are actually going over the top and are doing way, way, way too much of a good job that it comes off as slightly disturbing –Yes, Bi Rain I’m talking about you–.

So without further or do let’s get this started.

[Note: Because I’m impatient I’m just going to be doing this post by myself, sorry Lola. You can do the next on your own too. So there won’t be italics in brackets, it’s just going to be me… ~Dora]

Because we’ve or should I say, I already covered the bad side to k-drama kissing and all it’s awkwardness, I wanted to touch base on the ugly side. Yes. There aren’t many but when there are, oh god; it’s truly disturbing. Why? Because One: it doesn’t look pretty, Two: It sometimes comes off as gross and Three: I’d rather see awkward-frozen-kisses to ugly-over-the-top kisses.

When I tend to watch a drama the one thing that I always, always, ALWAYS anticipate is that defining ‘kiss’ scene. Yes, the kiss scene we all so eagerly wait for and when it’s bad it’s painfully –awkwardly– BAD. But when it’s ugly, it’s disturbingly Ugly with a capital U. I’m not going to lie, when I mean ‘ugly’ kiss I also mean the kiss with the guy literally eating a girls face because the girl isn’t doing jack shit. Yes, I forgot to mention that too. Remember this is my opinion on what I find as disturbing kisses –others might find it good– but whatever…

To start us off we have: Me, Too Flower‘s kiss scene.

7erNot that bad of a kiss scene and not necessarily ugly in the sense that it could actually be under the ‘good’ kisses but I just can’t seem to find it any good if anything I was slightly grossed out by Yoon Shi-Yoon. Why? Because –and it was probably due to the angles and the fact that Lee Ji-Ah kinda just struggles to release herself but– it just didn’t look at all that romantic or just appealing. The forced kiss is messy and just blegh, however all hope isn’t lost because Lee Ji-Ah does us all a favour and kisses him back herself.

Another kiss scene I found on a lighter scale of slightly gross inducing-ly ugly was: Thank You

[Gif at the top]
You’re probably wondering why this kiss is even here? To tell you the truth, there really isn’t any reason other then the fact that I just don’t like the way it looks. Jang Hyuk looks as if he’s searching for something inside Hyo Jins mouth and she looks as if she doesn’t want him to find it. Just, no.

Then there was Lee Byung-Hun & Kim tae Hee’s famous, ‘candy kiss’ from Iris.

ehDon’t shoot me because I disagree because yes, I’ve read enough articles to know that this was actually a favorite amongst those who’d voted for ‘favorite kiss’ and I do love both actors but my god, having someone unexpectedly slip in candy from their mouth into someone else’s is anything but romantic or even pretty. Hate it or love it, I’m a huge hygienic freak so when I watched this I literally sat their in disgust. Why? Because of the fact that a saliva induced candy from someone else’s mouth is just beyond gross in my book. Regardless of who you are. And that’s why it falls under the category of ‘ugly’ kisses. Sue me, hate me, backlash at me… whatever, you can’t please everyone now can you?

And to finish us off, for first place is none other then: ‘A Love to Kills’  alleyway kiss


I wasn’t exactly sure how this kiss was going to pan out mainly because I wasn’t really confident with this series as a whole. I had little liking’s towards it and I just didn’t like the chemistry between the two, so the fact that there was the whole, ‘confession’ thing going on right after she’d vomited I was a little on the edge on whether there was going to be a kiss or not. If there was I was going to run for the hills in horror. And so there was and because this was my first k-drama I wasn’t exactly sure how kisses were like and to be honest as grosses out as I was I seriously sat thinking, ‘Awww’ these two [still grossed out btw by the whole vomit thing].

ewAnd then it kinda went on and I was like, ‘Ewwww’.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike Bi Rain, I don’t I just don’t like him either and that scene… come on, that’s grade A gross material at it’s absolute max. I would’ve seriously let it slide had he not had gone over the top. Poor Min Ah, having to get a love [derp] confession and your face eaten after you’d just vomited is truly something I never want to have happen to me. To be honest, it would be a nightmare had that ever happened. Especially if it’s just some ploy for Mr. Face-eater to take revenge on you.
I think I’ve written enough. I can’t exactly think of any other kisses which I found not too appealing but these are the ones I definitely remembered. ~Dora


6 thoughts on “K-Drama Kisses (The Ugly) [Random Rant #2]

  1. Oh my gosh…that wasn’t painful like the others, I just didn’t want to see it period. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drama with an ugly kiss like those.

  2. GAH! I hate you, you impatient bug. I wanted to put my two cents in there too 😦

    PS. Leave Bi Rain and ALtK alone you biased bugbot !!!!
    PPS. Apology not accepted >___<

    • LOL! I remember watching ALTK, & being conflicted about that kiss. It was gross coz of the vomit context, but I was quite dumbstruck by Rain’s intensity and unabashed, sexy hunger. I thought it was a weird combination of gross yet kinda hot >.<

      • I guess the vomit context pretty much soils it and to be quite honest, the whole face-eating thing does somewhat gross me out but I love Rain enough to slightly overlook it. But every time I picture it I can’t help but be grossed out. LOL. I know what you mean, by the ‘kinda hot’ thing. Mainly because I’d seen enough dramas beforehand to get a feel of those really lip touching kisses and seeing this was a slight eye-opener. HA.

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