K-drama Kisses (The Bad) [Random Rant #1]

So like there’s cussing, poor grammar and general ranting in this post. If any of these three don’t appeal to you, (fuck off then) click the back button. Regardless, enjoy -bb


(Welcome to social awkwardness)

Well I wouldn’t really call it, ‘social’ but awkwardness, sure. Besides, is this really going to be our first rant.

(Why not? I feel like ranting the shit out of this subject. It’s one I’ve always wanted to touch base on)

And so do many other K-drama fans, you’re not alone there. But like doesn’t this seem a little whiny?

(So what? You really don’t exactly have to rant with me)

Well, this IS my account we’re on right now >.>

(I could switch)

Whatever, rant away; I think I can rant too. Just for fun.

(Don’t rant if you don’t mean it… killjoy)

Shut up and rant away, I’m not going to stop you. OKAY? Besides, I know how you like your kissing scenes >.> …perv.

(Psh, fuck you)

Love ya too.
(Alright, I’m not going to lie. Kissing scenes are my favorite scenes of any drama. Why? because it’s the defining moment for girl and boy’s relationship. Unless you’re Bi Rain, and just want to eat the shit out of Shin Min Ah’s face out of revenge in ‘A Love to Kill’ then no, that isn’t a defining relationship kiss. If anything, that’s worse then the awkward kisses. Why? Because, it’s just gross I tell ya. There’s passionate kissing and then there’s hold up girl, imma eat your face off and clean your vomit too while I’m at it.)

Drop it with the ALtK thing already. We get that you don’t like it, sheesh. Besides, that isn’t even the point here.

(Fine, but what I really meant to touch base on was those kissing scenes we were all awaiting only to get slapped in the face with a huge WTF* kiss in the endI mean, most dramas don’t portray their kiss scenes till the last episode, so the whole build up is intoxicating-ly huge build ups for that much awaited kiss. We have to go through ten thousand tears of ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ and ‘I have to let her go, because it’s for the best’ shit and all the angsty leads who are trying to be noble and whatnot. You know the drill… what I’m saying is that, we wait 16 –if we’re lucky, waaay less– episodes, which is 15 hours + so many minutes just for a 3 second kiss that looks like this


(Can I get a AWWWKKWAARD up in huur? I’m sorry Shin-Hye, I love you too bits like a girl likes cocoa butter body wash but regardless of it being a surprise kiss. This kiss is just absolutely killer to watch, it’s painful and frustrating. Not frustrating enough to give up on the drama but enough to make me want to glue my eyes shut until the awkwardly, ‘our lips are going to touch for like 30 seconds so don’t move and keep your eyes really wide open so it can look really unromantic okay?’)

Um, I don’t necessarily blame them, like you said it’s ‘surprise kisses’ so they’re supposed to look surprised. I find it cute and somewhat innocent when they peck each other like these kisses.

(Peck? Can we even call it a peck? let alone a kiss. I hardly find anything cute about that kiss in particular, seriously how is this cute? It’s just blegh and downright unromantic)

>.> I think you’re missing the point here Dora.

(What point is there to be seen when  there really isn’t any to begin with?)

Most kisses that come off awkward are surprise kisses –I’m not saying all, because I know some awkward ones are just awkward in general– hence the whole, eye opening, “what should I do” look expression. Seriously if a guy just outright kissed you would you just open your mouth to him and close your eyes on the spot?

(If it’s Yonghwa, fuck yeah)

I give up.

(Fully care.)
(Seriously, regardless of it being a surprise or not; the saddest thing of all is not that the girls –and sometimes guys– have their eyes open, it’s the fact that they always look stiff. Mostly the girls, I mean the guys do make an effort and sometimes a little too much effort. Effort that would make a kiss look really good, if only the girls would too, but nope; they just stand their stiff as fuck with their hands at their sides while the guys do all the work. As romantic as I want it too look it comes off as slightly gross when the guys are literally kissing their lips and philtrum . I feel extremely bad for them, one because that should be, two that should be me and three: THAT SHOULD BE ME.)


(The musical, episode 15)
(Poor Daniel, my Daniel. Poor, poor Daniel. Seriously, I know Hye-Sun isn’t the greatest kisser out there [Hearts of 19, Boys over Flowers & now this] Ermagerd, the list why? she tends to just sit there most of the time. And poor Daniel, the way he kissed her. I wonder how uncomfortable it must of been for him to watch it. Especially that look on her face, she could at least TRY to be happy to be kissed by Daniel-fucking-Choi! But nope, she’s just gonna look slightly disgusted and scared that he is. Good one. That’s how we should all react right Lola?)

No. Are you done yet?

(No. But I’ve had enough of this ‘bad’ kissing. I want to go onto ‘The Ugly‘)

The ugly?

(A Love to Kill)

Oh no.

(Yes. I’m going to go there… bring on the ugly!)

New post honey. This ones filled enough.

(Fine, I’ll just post two more awkward –bad– kisses)


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