War of the Shirtless Guys [Random Ramble #1]

Note: Our rambles/rants are random. And most likely something that we’re likely to do a lot. Be warned, GOLDee (Dora) won’t refrain from language here. So I’ll apologize for her in advance ^^


(Okay Subject numero uno. Hit me.)

Mm, not really a subject but in your “ABOUT” you said MDGCH was your first drama but wasn’t ‘A Love To Kill’ your first?

(I’m pretty sure watched MDGCH)

I’m definitely sure you watched ALtK.

(Nope, pretty sure it was MDGCH)

I remember you complaining about it to me saying how you disliked kdramas already because of that drama.

(Oh yeah, I think it was that bad that I’d forgotten about it. Well, thank goodness for MDGCH at least it got me hooked.)

I didn’t think it was that bad.

(Oh c’mon, seriously? It was Terribad)

Terribad? What.The.Food.Monkeys.Is.Wrong.With.You? It’s not because U NO LIEK RAIN?! Right?

(Partly because of that, but last time I checked you weren’t much of a fan either. [Heh, you said Monkeys, get it?])

I don’t have to be a fan to recognize he has talent. [No, that’s not funny.]

(I don’t have to be a fan. Full stop.)

So wait, Ninja Assassin did nothing for you? Nothing at all? Even his body?

(Why would it? Seriously, it didn’t even move the hairs on my neck neither did his body, honestly I couldn’t give enough cares about him at this point.)


(Truth hurts baby.)

Correction: Opinion. Besides, his body was better then Lee Dong Wooks was in Scent of a Woman. Just saying.

(You craaazaaay? No fucking way! You better take that back.)

Truth hurts baby.

(You’re such an ass.)

Oh? I think I won there.


You’re not denying it so I’m going to go with the latter and say I did ^^ HUZZAH!

(Congratulations, would you like some bananas with that? [Heh])

No, just no.

(You did say Monkey foods before didn’t you?)

You know, I bet that if we took it to the polls (Poles) to see what others thought that would be much fairer.

Oh dear God, save this child please and her dirty mind.

(“Rumors state that during the filming of this scene, the staff members were unable to hide their amazement at Lee Dong Wook’s muscular body” I’m pretty sure it isn’t a rumor. Just saying.)

Where the hell did you get that from? o.O

(allkpop.com. Besides his scene in a scent of a woman is still OTP...)

Yeah, because normal people shower with pants on. Besides that’s not fair, he’s in a shower. That doesn’t count!

(Too bad sunshine)

Fine, if we’re going to stoop down to shower scenes then I’d like to argue with Lee Ki-Woo’s, ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ scene. Hmph!.

(You know, I’m not going to disagree with you there. But Still, LDW FTW!!)

I feel like we could do with one more contestant.

(You’ve already picked two already. That’s enough)

Please? Just one.

(Fine, but then I get one too)

Okay, done. I feel slightly perverted now.

(Slightly? Pssh, understatement of the year)

Tch, this coming from the girl who always talks about kissing.

(In dramas, yes. It’s a huge issue I have with dramas) 

Oooh, is that our next subject for Random Ramble #2?

(No, it won’t be rambling. It will be heated ranting!)

Edit: (You ass, you did that on purpose with the pictures didn’t you?)

I don’t know what you’re talking about. *walks away in ignorance* Hmph.

(ROFL. polldaddy)



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