Kdrama Wrap Up of 2012 [2/2]

tumblr_ma0e8i3bdV1rcgvojo1_r1_500Okay let’s get this bad boy out of the way already. I’m ready for the festival (Without me >.>)

You know, you could always make yourself a wordpress page too with your free time? Just a suggestion, eh .::BLONDee?::. See what I did there? (No and don’t even start)

(Bimbo’s being a bimbo, so I’ll finally Wrap this Post Up as promised) It wasn’t promised.

Alright then, enjoy the rest of our kdrama wrap up ^^


| A Gentlemans Dignity |

(I just have no idea how I finished this drama to be frank. I must have slept through three-quarters of the show because I hardly remember anything about it. Phooey, oh well)

And yet, you manage to find a picture with an almost kiss scene. Were there no other stills? 😛

(It was the first picture to pop up on search.)

Sure, sure. Spoken like a true lazy ass.

(Coming from you, well No comment).

| Answer Me, 1997 |

One word. Memories, loads of it. This was by far one of the most endearing/cute/vibrant/most amazing show. Well of course, right after Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (I think they get the picture)

(It was more of a feel good drama more then anything for me. Cute lead, chemistry was oozing. Plus other Korean actors can learn a thing or two from Seo In-Geok when it comes to kissing)

What is with you and kissing? 😛


| Gaksital |

(Bimbo didn’t watch this but I did, and tbh I find that it’s her loss. I went in with little hope, but you know what? I was extremely wrong. By the time episode 28 had aired and finished, I sat their in complete awe and sadness that it was over but at that I was satisfied {bit of a overstatement, but who cares right?} It was a good series and that’s all that mattered.)

I haven’t gotten around to watching it, it’s on my list though D:

(Excuses, excuses)

| Full House 2 |
The much awaited sequel to Full House (Read as the sequel that took far too long to make)

(First thoughts? What in the world is up with the hair do’s, especially Park Ki-Woong. What’s up with that)

(And what did you think?) Nothing really. I’m not surprised anymore, the looks, the hair, the makeup. I just don’t get it anymore so I just don’t think of any of it anymore.

(I meant the drama) Oh, I thought it was cute. Better then what I actually expected I’m just glad, ‘say’ person didn’t really kick the bucket ^^

| Equator Man |


Lee Hyun-Woo. That is all. (Get outta here, sure he contributed partly towards the series but he couldn’t have been the best part.)

I don’t see what the problem is? It’s my opinion. (Yeah a silly opinion) Reow!


(Oh come on, what about Uhm Tae-Woong you’re just being biased now) But a opinion nonetheless, it should be accounted for because it IS an opinion. Oh and me, biased? I never said I wasn’t.

The whole cast was brilliant, but I just found overall that Lee Hyun Woo’s performance as magical and captivating.

(I see)

| The King 2 Hearts |

(I missed Seung-Gi) Aw, likewise ^^

But I think the star of the show was Miss. Bad Ass Ha Ji-Won (Touche).

(Anything else?) Mm, I’m tired?

| The Moon That Embraces The Sun |

Beautiful. That’s what I picked up from this show, everything about was both pretty and beautiful. I liked that about this drama.

(And the drama itself?) Mm, it was so-so I guess. What did you think of it?

(I actually really enjoyed it and I do agree on the part of it being pretty because it was, the color, surroundings and all were just captured beautifully. Plus the child actors did justice as always, thanks a lot kids. Kim Soo-Hyun did justice, didn’t really feel anything from Ha Ga-In though)

| Twelve Men In A Year |

Sound familiar? *nudgenudge*

(Like oh my gosh, that was an incredibly good one).

You suck, you took all the fun out of that one 😦

(No you just made a cheap joke that wasn’t funny besides I don’t even get why this is even on the list.) 

I thought you watched it. (Uh, why would I?)


| I Miss You |

I know it’s still airing but my gosh I was only able to go through four episodes… I know, I know. I said that I absolutely have to finish a drama once started, but I’m telling you. It’s heavy enough having to see those kids in pain. Seriously, it’s like my eyes had somehow evolved into a permanent waterfall. I had a bucket full of tears and I still had more to spare. And it was only episode four for goodness sake. Yeo Jin-Goo, Kim So-Hyun… bless both your souls.

(Spoken like a true weakling)

Hush. You didn’t even start it.

Well that was fun.

(Wasn’t it?)

Sarcasm… again? Really?

(Yeah, I’m in a sarcastic mood right now)

Whatever you say BLONDee.

(Striiiiiiiiiike TWO)

Aw c’mon, Goldilocks or BLONDee. Which one? I am going to call you one of them okay? I refuse to call you Dora.

(You just did, what was so hard about that).

How about GOLDee?

(-rolls eyes- How about we drop it? I’m not going to be called either of those names okay?)

Fine! But I’m bringing it back up until you give in.

(When pigs start vomiting fireworks out from their behinds then I will) Stubborn as always!

(Oh and just one more thing, isn’t it ironic how I Miss You might be one of the longest small reviews when you only saw four episodes?)

Sure, I guess so.

Well that’s a wrap. Enjoy the rest of 2012 my lovelies^^ -bimbobunny

(Draaank if you can. And Paaaar-taay too. 2013 is awaiting. Happy New Years all you kdrama fangirls) ~ Dora [aka GOLDee]


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