Kdrama Wrap Up of 2012 [1/2]


What a year it’s been, golly. It zoomed right past and now that I think about it I haven’t seen as much drama’s as I’d like which is slightly sad because I don’t want to lose my kdrama obsession just because life’s beginning. HAH! And yes, that being said; I do have a life ^^ (You and me both)

Anyways, I think I lost and found myself new found obsessions this year. I both loved and loathed dramas and because I’m one of those folks who absolutely has to finish something once started I just couldn’t stop regardless. But the years near it’s end and I thank you for a year full of laughs, tears and overall happiness.

Oh and this is going to be a joined account with a friend of mine starting from today .:: Goldilocks ::.  So where ever you see Italics within Brackets, it’s Goldi, like this:

(That wasn’t really necessary. Besides I’m fine with Dora)

Killjoy. I was expecting a ‘Hello’ not a defiant answer.


We get it  -__-

Moving on. I was hoping to post or at least write this on 31st of December but considering I won’t have any form of technology till the 1st and because Goldi’s here (It’s Dora) I thought why not. I hope youse had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully a wonderful new year^^

Also, these are snippets [one lines or maybe two] of what we thought of so and so dramas that we’d watched [If not, they’re just me and Goldi rambling].

Happy Holidays everyone.
Love from, bimbobunny &  (Dora) Goldilocks 


| Big |

I think all this drama need is a Big WTF?! right next to the title (I reckon it would be fitting had the credits scrolled WTF at the ending instead of credits. That would’ve seemed much more fitting don’t you agree?).

Not really, no.

| To The Beautiful You |


Awkward title didn’t do any favors for such an awkward drama about an awkward girl from America moving across the Country to cross-dress and become an awkward boy in South Korea t– Wait what?

(Didn’t bother with this one. I loved the manga too much for it to be spoiled.)

I still don’t get the point of it, it’s the same story-line. (No.)


| Dream High 2 |

I once had a dream of a sequel that didn’t disappoint me.

(Too bad, dreams sometimes don’t come true yunno especially when your dreams have high expectations that don’t fit with reality.)

Clearly …

| Fashion King |


This drama? (No comment.)
Why? (The ending.)
Oh, was it too sad? (Not at all.)
Then What? (Simply because this also needed a WTF at the ending)
Even in the credits? (No, not this time)

| Arang & The Magistrate |

Such a silly yet wonderful series to follow. It’s witty and just downright hilarious. I had fun with this drama (‘Ses you)

I didn’t know you didn’t like it? (You didn’t ask)

| Glowing She |

(I really don’t understand what’s going on with these awkward titles) Pssh, you secretly love it.

(Awkward titles? No, I don’t think I do.)

Whatever, I thought this was a cute breath of fresh air; I don’t usually find myself liking dramas like, ‘Glowing She’ but somehow I started to warm up to it.

| I Need Romance 2012 |

I think we all needed Romance. Sadly we didn’t get any that lasted longer then a month (Or a thread of hair)


| I Do, I Do, I Do |

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t like how hyped I was for this drama. The chemistry between the leads fizzled fast, (err; was there really any chemistry to begin with?) Oh shut up. There was two plenty.

| Love Rain |
I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever love, rain (heh) thank you very much, but I will love this drama; because for some reason I’m still hopelessly in love with Jang Geun Seok :3

(I see a difference in the way he kisses, since You’re Beautiful.)

LOL, Wat?

| Ma Boy |

This show completed in three episodes, ma, ma, ma. And you know what? I was perfectly satisfied with the show, never mind the age gap (Yeah but she was 13 and he wa–) Whatever, this show was adorable nonetheless, the joys of youth ^^

| Nice Guy |
Not so nice drama. [In terms of being friendly, not overall. Just in case you thought I was hating]. Dark pasts +  Counts of Revenge = Not so Nice drama?

(You idiot it’s melodrama.)

Woah, take it easy.

| Operation Proposal |
I wished they’d changed it to Operation VIAL-TEN-THOUSAND Operation (That doesn’t even make sense). There’s only so many times one can fail. Then again, if you fail try, try and try again right?

(No, you stupid it’s)

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”

Idiot, stupid? What’s next… Moron? (Maybe)

| Queen In-Hyuns Man |

You liked this drama didn’t you?

(I did. Why? Because there was no self sacrificing, ‘I should leave so she wont get hurt’ and all that cliched bullsh%$)

But, he does kind of leave… like a lot, you know when he disappears when they’re together to go back to his time.

(I don’t care. That was not intentional; those moments were magic and absolutely heartbreaking. Those moments reminded me a lot of “The Time Travelers Wife”)

Feels? (/Nods)

| Rooftop Prince |

(Where the hell are they coming up with these titles?)

Where else? Their imagination/brain/brain storming… Idk.

(I’m not sure how I felt about this drama. I had mixed emotions about it to be frank, I couldn’t relate to any of the characters as hard as I tried, I just couldn’t but in the end I did come to enjoy it.)

That’s because you don’t relate to anything but Lee Dong Wook in terms of character.


| Shut Up! Flower Boy Band |
Shut Up; Flower Boy Band
(Six -including Min-Ki- HOT guys in a drama portraying rebelled outcasts in a school full of rich snobs? Yes please.)

Seven if you include Jung Eui-Chul

(Um no thanks, he started looking really pasty which was a huge turn off)

But I swear that if any of those boys were to tell me to Shut Up! I’d be zipping my mouth and throwing away the key in a heartbeat

(You’d probably do that if any HOT guy asked you to shut up).

I beg to differ. This drama, why you finish only after 16 episodes for? Why not infinite episodes? [I see what you did there]

| Wild Romance |

Wild Romance or Wild Drama? Idk, I’m not sure I was able to follow this drama without feeling like I was wildly losing my mind from boredom. Lee Si Young did little to motivate my liking for the drama and surprisingly (and I can’t believe you’re saying this -dies-)  neither did Lee Dong Wook.

(Okay, time to wash your mouth out now. I think a million cats died with your words you horrible witch.)

You’ll live.

Edit: (After reading this I realized how completely one sided we both were. Also, we rambled a lot. And how you pretty much disagreed with everything I said AND you cut me off in ‘Ma Boy’ literally deleting my words).

That’s because it was irrelevant and completely beside the point.

(So we can start deleting each others words now?).


(Go figures).

I still prefer Goldilocks though.

(I’m striking)

If you can so can I.


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