My Flower Boy Neighbor


Call me a sucker for the Flower Boy series, but I am. TvN’s third installment for the series is almost here. YES. I mean it’s almost out, premiering in January. I for one am super excited for it, I cannot stress or even begin to strain how excited I am for this drama. It has cute-sy written all over it and I’m not one to jump into quick judgements just by watching a premise but for some reason I have hope for this. I really, really do. I mean the past two drama’s in the series have no doubt been AHH-MAAAZING! I mea I don’t expect any of youse to trust me on this but honestly, if you haven’t seen the premise; then I suggest you check it out. NAAO! []

I’m actually really happy with the cast, more then happy. I’ve missed Shin-Hye a lot, mostly her wittiness. I get that she’s appeared here and there [King of Drama’s recent cameo, Running Man and Don’t Worry; I’m a Ghost] but I’ve wanted more. I wanted her to be a lead in a new drama and ofc my calls were answered. Bless you drama directors/producers/film casters… whatever.

Pucker up folks (referring to the images mainly), there’s a new rom-com that’s almost here which stars [Park Shin Hye] as Go Dok Mi who is characterized as a ‘modernized Rapunzel’ who lives alone and is fine with living a life where she doesn’t leave her house or go out.
BUT, she does have a thing for watching/peeking/harmless-stalking her neighbor Oh Jin-Rok [Kim Ji-Hoon] Ofc, I don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t? Anyways, in the midst of her stalking peeking, she obviously does an awful job at it because evidentally she get’s caught by a different neighbor, Enrique Keum [Yoon Si-Yoon]. BWAHAHA.

Despite Yoon Si-Yoon being the lead male character, I’m all aboard the [Kim Ji-Hoon] train, Idk I think it’s my absolute dire desire for second leads to win for once, but I won’t deny the fact that PSH and YSY look adorable together. I swear, Park Shin Hye; you have roles I would absolutely die for. Seriously, this drama looks like it’ll ooze with cuteness and I’m ready to board this ship of Awesomeness. January couldn’t get here any faster, could it? Patience is a virtue after all, just not a virtue I have. So January, please come faster; I’ll be really good. It’s set to premiere on January 7th, with 16 episodes.

HAH. Kim Ji-Hoon oppa ❤ [Sorry, I just couldn’t resist] ^^


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